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Having been in the construction business since 2004, we know what it takes to build a home. So we understand what to look for when you need a property or home inspection.

We have the expertise and professionalism you can trust as a Certified Home Inspector and member of Canada’s Commercial and Home Inspector Association, while serving:

At PCL Inspections, we offer a complete range of inspection services using the latest technologies and experience, including:

Pre-Sales Inspection

If you’re selling your property, make sure it’s in the best condition to make the sale. We will review every aspect of your property to ensure we give you all the details in a clear report outlining what needs immediate attention and what may make a buyer hesitate.

Sewer Scope

Let our experienced team help you avoid costly and messy repairs for your sewer line. Whether you have clay, concrete, or plastic lines, a sewer scope can immediately determine any issues so they can be handled quickly, before they get out of control.

Septic Inspection

If you have a septic tank, you know how messy things can get when trouble starts. If you have signs of a clog, like water taking too long to drain, we’ll check out the entire system to determine the problem.

Well Inspection

We’ll test your well-water system for volume, pressure, and clean water, ensuring your property’s water source is safe and functional.
thermal imaging services

Thermal Camera Imaging

We can detect those areas that are lacking in insulation or have air leaks. This is your first step to keeping mold growth in check.

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Commercial Building Inspections


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